Campus Odontoiatrico

Brand Identity

Creative Campaign

Photo/Video Productions


2019 – 2023

Who said that a dental clinic must necessarily choose a traditional communication strategy?
Campus Odontoiatrico is a unique, young, fresh and highly professional reality. We have proudly supported the company in every stage of its growth, achieving amazing results.

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Logo design / Branding / Launch campaign / SMM / Adv

The results of Campus Odontoiatrico in the area in terms of image and digital positioning stem from a simple but fundamental secret: the clinic has entrusted the complete management of its image and communication since day zero.
With them we followed a clear step-by-step work that began with the development of the branding and the personalization of the spaces, went on with the launch campaign on the territory and continues today in the management of digital communication and image, in and out of the studio.

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